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GAS-KCO is a member of «Lighthouse SPA» Holding, Europe.
Head Office of «Lighthouse SPA» is located in the city of Bologna (Italy). The group of companies renders wide range of services, including geological-geophysical activities.
Principal activities of «Lighthouse SPA» include marine services, equipment supply, manufacture of ROVs (remotely operated vehicle) and geotechnical lab tests.
Annexation of GAS-KCO to «Lighthouse SPA» will positively benefit geological-geophysical services, owing to synergy of various companies having sound professional experience in various industry spheres.

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2D/3D seismic data processing and interpretation

In April 2010, GAS-KCO successfully opened state-of-the-art computation center in the city of Almaty.
Regardless comparatively insignificant service record, GAS-KCO is distinguished by sound practical experience of it’s employees and specialists in geophysical data processing and interpretation. Our specialists participated in numerous projects throughout Kazakhstan. We have been involved in data processing project for Kashagan field and moreover we are experienced of international data processing.
GAS-KCO is a regional vendor for 2D/3D seismic data processing and interpretation services. The Company is armed with technical sound and advanced data computation center.
“As stated by “Kursiv” Newspaper (#5, dated February 10, 2011), GAS-KCO has the third high-powered super computer in Kazakhstan”.