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Compare the result of the processing of the original seismic section and acoustic inversion section.

Press and move the line slider on a section to see results of inversion!


Our advantages

High perfomance cluster

Cluster specifications:

Cores: 290

RAM: 1322 GB

Processing power: 3.4 TFlops

Disk storage: 39.5 TB

Newest software

  • ProMax SeisSpace 5000.8.5.0
  • LDI_v4
  • EasyTrace-v2015
  • Interwell-v2015
  • Geographix Discovery 5000.0.2.0
  • LYNX 2.9
  • OpendTect 4.1.1
  • ScanCRV 3.9


Unique experience

  • Time domain processing
  • Depth imaging
  • Seismic inversion

we are focused on what is important, innovation

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